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Where to find all Colossal swords in Elden Ring

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Colossal swords in Elden Ring are unmatched in terms of popularity rankings, with most players taking a liking to these hard-hitting weapons that can demolish both bosses and henchmen with relative ease.When players start a new game in Elden Ring, they usually keep an eye out for the best Colossal Swords on offer.

Thus, for the convenience of players, this article details the location of all Colossal Swords in Elden Ring.It goes without saying that most Colossal Swords are quite difficult to find.

Some of these swords are locked behind end-game bosses and players will have to dedicate several hours of game time before obtaining them.The locations and fights in Elden Ring that need to be completed to obtain Colossal Swords can be challenging for the average player.

Hence, in most cases, it is recommended to come up with alternatives until players get hold of them.The Colossal Swords and their locations in Elden Ring are mentioned below:1.

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