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The Next Super Mario Game Should Rework Classic Items

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Nintendo hasn't added a new game to the Super Mario franchise in a little while, aside from side games such as Mario Strikers: Battle League, but another platformer is inevitable.

Nintendo owes much of its fame and success to the Super Mario platformers, and both the singleplayer and multiplayer adventures remain top sellers on Nintendo consoles.

The question is merely what the next game will look like. While a Super Mario Odyssey sequel seems likely, it also wouldn't be surprising to see the next Super Mario game step away from a singleplayer narrative to focus on delivering a fun new multiplayer experience instead.Multiplayer Mario games such as Super Mario 3D World have been inventive in recent years, introducing new power-ups, experimenting with course design, and bringing new level themes into the series.

However, many of Super Mario's oldest items continue to serve the same purposes that they always have. Simplicity and tradition serve Nintendo well, but Super Mario Odyssey has proven that the Mario audience is ready for some more complex gameplay options, even if they're not all necessary to beat the game.

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