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The Game Awards 2022 will be shorter than usual, confirms host Geoff Keighley

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The Game Awards 2022 is almost upon us, and fans couldn't be more excited. Unfortunately, there is one area where it could be scaled back, disappointing fans.

According to The Game Awards show host Geoff Keighley, this year's event will be shorter than usual.This comes from the Behind The Scenes audio spotlight on Twitter, where he opened up about what fans could expect as he addressed the length of the show.Keighley can be heard saying:He cites the following reason for this decision:Previously, the show has been a few hours long, with awards highlights being sprinkled with game announcements, speeches from industry veterans, live music and skits, and more.

It is true that gamers tune in to these shows for the games and little else, so this decision makes sense.So, it could be that the team is cutting back on rehearsals and the like, and letting the stars of the show do the talking: the games themselves.

Yes, fans can still expect major game reveals, including World Premiers; more will be announced as we approach the date.The annual game awards showcase will clearly have a lot of hype behind it to decide the winner for various GOTY (Game of The Year) categories.

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