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The Biggest Gaming News For August 6, 2022

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Welcome to the weekend. The next couple of days are all about gaming which of course means that you’ll be getting behind on the latest news.

Well, not to worry. That’s what these news roundups are all about remedying. Today, we found out that Amazon ghosted Peter Jackson about Rings of Power, Stalker was leaked because of “discrimination against Russians,” and DC Films President Walter Hamada considered quitting after Batgirl was canceled.

These are just our top stories and so read on for the rest. RELATED: What Is TheGamer Staff Playing This Weekend? Someone seems to have leaked a console copy of the as of yet unreleased game Stalker because of “discrimination against Russians.” The context is of course the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

According to the leaker, the developer, GSC, “cast off everyone who supported their game for 15 years and kept it alive." They gave several reasons for leaking the game including “constant discrimination against Russians in the Discord server" along with GSC raising money to support the Ukrainian forces. "The purchase of weapons and military equipment is not a charity event," they said.

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