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Sykkuno's sassy retort about Discord while playing Fall Guys takes everyone by surprise

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While playing Fall Guys with Vtuber Nihmune, Sykkuno made a pretty savage comment about his partnership with Discord, leaving his fellow streamers both shocked and impressed.

Known for his calm and cool demeanor, the sassy retort garnered a lot of attention from fans.Akuma Nihmune, who was streaming on Twitch during the incident, is an English Virtual streamer who made her public debut on November 19, 2021.

Aside from being a creator on Tiktok and YouTube, she is also a Twitch streamer with around 160K followers.The YouTuber was playing Fall Guys with Twitch streamer Nihmune and others when the official Discord account popped up on the chat and used an emoji.

The action understandably caught the Vtuber's eye, who asked if Discord would vote for her:As other streamers weighed in on the Discord chat, the American YouTuber did not catch up on what was happening and asked why they were calling out to the voice and chat platform:Nihmune explained that the official Twitch handle of Discord came to her chat, justifying their enthusiastic reaction:Without skipping a beat, Sykkuno asked a hard-hitting question in a nonchalant way:The statement was met with an uneasy and awkward silence as Nihmune could only let out a brief sigh before everyone went quiet for some time.

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