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Players grow wary of MultiVersus mods as publisher cracks down on modded content

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MultiVersus players have begun reporting that videos and streams featuring mods for the PC version of the game have been receiving takedown notices from publisher Warner Bros.

Multiple reports of video takedowns have been appearing over the past few weeks. One takedown targeted a YouTube video (opens in new tab) featuring skins of Steve from Minecraft and All Might from My Hero Academia.

Another targeted a Twitch streamer (opens in new tab) who'd replaced the game's main menu background with an image from Breaking Bad.

MultiVersus director Tony Huynh confirmed (opens in new tab) that the latter takedown was "because you've been streaming with a modded client." Huynh has promised (opens in new tab) to "have a deeper discussion about what's going on with the team that manages this" on the community's behalf.

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