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My Hero Academia Finally Confirms the Dark Side of Deku's Philosophy

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Warning! Contains major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 362! The manga My Hero Academia has a main character who holds some very destructive views, and now the series is finally showing the consequences of his philosophy.

This is coming a bit late, as Deku has not needed to rely on this philosophy in some time. And what makes it worse is that the character suffering these consequences isn't even Deku himself.

Deku us a unique character in My Hero Academia whose philosophy and approach to using his powers is very unique. Initially born without a superpower, or quirk, Deku eventually met the hero All Might who was able to pass down his extremely powerful quirk to Deku.

All Might then took him on as a protege, a potentially ironic twist of fate given that his enemy All For One might have caused Deku's quirklessness.

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