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Mangalyaan Mars Orbiter is dead and THIS is why we are sad to see it go

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Mangalyaan's Mars Orbiter quietly died and the Indian scientific community is mourning it. On October 3, ISRO reached out to the world announcing the unseen demise of the orbiter staying in Mars orbit for eight years. "The spacecraft is non-recoverable and attained its end-of-life," ISRO said, adding that "the mission will be ever-regarded as a remarkable technological and scientific feat in the history of planetary exploration."The orbiter, popularly known as MOM, was inserted in the Martian orbit on September 24, 2014, and it has continued to be India's frontier in exploration of the Red Planet.

The spacecraft was originally designed to function for six months and then turn itself off. However, Mars Orbiter Mission craft continued to fly around Mars for eight long years, before finally giving up.

Here is a quick update on how the spacecraft died.The simple explanation comes to this – it ran out of battery charge, or energy.

ISRO says that the craft must have run out of propellant, which is why it could not change altitude to charge itself for sustained power generation.

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