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Kojima Productions teases new game starring Elle Fanning

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Kojima Productions has teased a new game that will star Elle Fanning (The Great). A QR code spotted at the PAX Aus gaming event in Melbourne, Australia leads to an image, hosted on the Kojima Productions website, of Fanning with the words “Who Am I?” printed across her face.

Text down the side of the image reads: “A Hideo Kojima Game X Elle Fanning.” The reveal follows a similar image, with the face obscured in silhouette, appearing online around the time of Tokyo Game Show in September.

There seems to be more to come. Alongside the QR code at PAX there was a new poster, featuring a different silhouette, and the words “Where Am I?” Kojima tweeted both images and implied there would be a third tease and reveal to come after the “Where” question has been answered.

TGS→«WHO»→ ELLE PAX→«WHERE»→??? ???→"???"→??? So, what’s this all about? The most likely possibility is that Kojima is teasing a sequel to Death Stranding.

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