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IShowSpeed reacts to Central Cee's reply to his two-month-old Instagram DM

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Darren "IShowSpeed" has reacted to British rapper Central Cee's voice message reply to his Instagram DM, and fans are already looking forward to a potential collaboration between the two.While streaming, IShowSpeed revealed to his audience that Central Cee had finally replied to his DM from October and that he himself had forgotten about it.

The YouTuber's ecstatic reaction as he shouted the rapper's name in joy, followed by a butchering of the lyrics from the popular song Doja, has gone viral on Twitter.Darren has had a meteoric rise to fame this year, having reached the top echelons of YouTube streaming.

With over 13.5 million subscribers and a billion channel views, suffice it to say that the 17-year-old from Ohio has made a splash on the video sharing platform.Popular for his football content and high-profile collaborations with fellow streamers and celebrities, the YouTuber is also known for his highly energetic and over-the-top reactions.

His loud and expressive demeanor is one of the primary reasons tens of thousands of people tune in to his streams on a regular basis.So when he decided to surprise his fans by showing off a DM from a celebrity, fans were as excited as the YouTuber:The chat, visible on the right side of the screen in the video embedded above, can be seen going haywire as fans started spamming Ws and other congratulatory words and emotes.

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