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How to swing Colossal Swords faster in Elden Ring Colosseum

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Elden Ring, the FromSoftware magnum opus that took the world by storm upon its release back in the month of February this year, recently received a substantial update, adding several quality-of-life and gameplay fixes as well as a brand new PvP game mode, the Colosseum arena.The update 1.08, finally allow players to access the three Colosseums found across the Lands Between.

The first Colosseum that players will most likely come across in their journey through the punishing yet breathtaking Lands Between is in Limgrave.

The second one is in Leyndell, and the third and final one will potentially be the Colosseum of Caelid, a slightly tricky location to find and access.Much like regular PvP duels and invasions, players are free to partake in arena battles at any rune level, with player levels being scaled based on the average rune level of all participants.

Elden Ring, being a Souls-like action role-playing game in the same vein as FromSoftware's Dark Souls titles, allows players to come up with plenty of cool and intriguing build combinations.While most weapons in Elden Ring are viable for PvP, nothing comes close to the sheer damage and destructive capabilities of the Colossal swords.

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