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How Fallout's Vault 15 Ties Into the NCR

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ByFallout: New Vegas, the New California Republic (NCR) is known as one of the largest factions in the Wasteland.

They hold territories in Oregon, Nevada, and California, often providing protection to its citizens and governing trade. Their laws, ideals, and structure are based on old-world values such as democracy.Before the NCR became as big as it is in Fallout: New Vegas, though, it had very humble beginnings.

The faction would not have existed were it not for the existence of Vault 15 and the circumstances that happened there. It all began there, with a man named Aradesh.Fallout: Every President of the NCR and What They DidVault 15 is a location that players could visit in the original Fallout and its sequel.

Like all other Vaults, it was created with a social experiment in mind, and the experiment of Vault 15 was to gather radically diverse people in terms of culture and ideologies.

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