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His Dark Materials season 3 trailer brings the wild Amber Spyglass book to life

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Angels, wheeled-elephants, miniature people who ride around on insects, hell itself — Philip Pullman’s The Amber Spyglass, the final book in the His Dark Material series, really has it all.

And after adapting The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife for screen over past few years, HBO and the BBC will wrap up their three-season-long take on Pullman’s saga by bringing it all to life.

The first trailer for His Dark Materials season 3 debuted at the 2022 New York Comic Con in all its weird-ass glory. Season 3, if it follows the basic beats of The Amber Spyglass, should find young Lyra (Dafne Keen), her dæmon Pantalaimon, and their cohort from our dimension, Will (Amir Wilson), embarking on a journey through planes of existence all the way down to the world of the dead to fulfill their destinies.

A prophecy has foretold that Lyra might be the new Eve — and bring about the fall of mankind. The Authority, an actual angel who turned power-hungry in heaven, hopes to snuff her before the pair can reset the multiverse.

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