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Halo Infinite Will Be Beta Testing Co-Op Soon

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For how much success Halo Infinite has garnered since its release, there is a lot of additional content that fans have been asking for.

From new multiplayer maps to Forge mode, Halo Infinite fans have been eagerly waiting for the game to receive more playable content.

However, it seems that fans will soon be able to experience a feature that has been long requested since before Halo Infinite even launched.For the longest time, co-op campaign has been a staple of every installment in the Halo series since the advent of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Thus, the lack of a co-op campaign mode in Halo Infinite for the last several months has left quite a few fans irked. Though, it seems that players will have a chance to experience a co-op mode for Halo Infinite's campaign in some capacity soon.Halo Infinite Leaker Claims Campaign DLC is On the Way, But It Will Be a Long WaitAccording to 343 Industries' lead world designer, John Mulkey, a beta version of the co-op mode will be made available from July 11th to July 22nd.

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