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Final Fantasy 14 Unveils Next Major Update

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Square Enix's special site for the 6.2 update has finally added details regarding the most important features coming to Final Fantasy 14.

Along with a continuation of Final Fantasy 14's main story quest is a new dungeon, trial, island sanctuary area, and improvements to the Duty Support system.Final Fantasy 14 is the second MMORPG in the beloved Final Fantasy franchise, appreciated by many players thanks to its engaging narrative that stands among the best of Final Fantasy's stories.

The latest Endwalker expansion spectacularly concluded a story arc that has been building for over a decade, but the tale isn't over for the Warriors of Light as new plot threads are already being revealed through post-expansion patches.

Each major patch since Endwalker has included new quests and content that explore the loose ends left over from the expansion, making it obvious that Square Enix still has a lot of left stories to tell.RELATED: FInal Fantasy 14 Reveals Moonfire Faire Summer Event Rewards for 2022The major 6.2 update, entitled Buried Memory, has been given a special site as is tradition with important Final Fantasy 14 updates.

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