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Final Fantasy 14: All of Endwalker's Major Patches Will Revolve Around the Void

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Final Fantasy 14 is gearing up to release Patch 6.2, its second major patch after the Endwalker expansion. During an interview, Final Fantasy 14 confirmed its patch content would look a little different from previous expansions in that the patches would tell its own self-contained story: the exploration of the Void.Famitsu recently interviewed Final Fantasy 14 director and producer Naoki Yoshida about the upcoming patch, titledBuried Memory.

This interview served as a prequel to the next Final Fantasy 14 Letter from the Producer LIVE scheduled for August 12th, which will reveal more information about the patch, including a trailer and release date.Final Fantasy 14 Unveils Next Major UpdateThough he spoke on many topics, one of the most interesting parts of Yoshida's interview is his discussion on the narrative direction of the Endwalker patches and beyond.

Patch 6.1 set players on an exploration of the Void–the ruined thirteenth reflection of Final Fantasy 14’s world which now acts as the home of demons.

The main scenario of Patch 6.2 and subsequent entries through Patch 6.5 will focus on exploring and concluding this story arc.

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