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FIFA 23 Sheraldo Becker Rulebreakers Player Pick SBC - How to complete, estimated costs, and more

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The Rulebreakers promo is in full swing in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, with Sheraldo Becker's Player Pick SBC going live a few moments ago.

Upon completing the dedicated Squad Building Challenge, players can choose between two different card versions without relying on pack luck.The Rulebreakers promo features special cards that feature players with vastly different stats from their base cards.

Packing them can be quite challenging for players strapped for cash, and FUT players looking to obtain one of the rare Becker cards for their squads have to complete two challenges.Here is a simple guide on completing the Sheraldo Becker Rulebreakers Player Pick Squad Building Challenge.The Player Pick SBC has two individual challenges that are required to be completed within the next week to claim either of the two versions of the card as rewards.

While each task has individual rewards, it is highly recommended that players do both to maximize returns.Here are the requirements and cost analysis of the Squad Building Challenge.Rewards - 1x Gold PackEstimated Cost: 20,000 - 30,000 FUT CoinsRewards - 1x Mixed Players PackEstimated Cost: 30,000 - 40,000 FUT CoinsThe second part of the SBC does give a fairly high-value pack but completing both is what players should ideally strive for.

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