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Destiny 2 Community Manager Responds to Feedback on Weapon Crafting

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Bungie's Destiny 2 community manager Dylan Gafner, more commonly known as dmg04, has chimed in on all the feedback he's collected about the game's current implementation of the weapon crafting mechanic.

Namely, the ongoing Season of Plunder seems to enforce a heavier emphasis on grinding a substantial number of different craftable weapons, and the community doesn't seem to be overly enamored with the idea.The introduction of weapon crafting to Destiny 2 has been facilitated through the so-called Deepsight (red border) weapons.

Collecting and dismantling a set number of Deepsight weapons of a specific type (usually five of them) allows players to unlock a permanent crafting recipe for it, which then makes it possible to craft it with virtually any perk and stat combination that the player wishes to have access to.Destiny 2 Could Be Getting A New Exotic With an Upcoming Legacy RaidDestiny 2's weapon crafting is, for all intents and purposes, a long-term investment that attempts to engage players for long periods of time.

The specific changes introduced to the system with Season of Plunder, however, seem to have pushed things a bit too far, as the community hasn't been thrilled with the amount of grind necessary to attain weapon recipes.

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