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Despite Persona 3, 4, and 5 Royal ports, fans are losing hope of seeing Persona 2 again

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For a long time, PlayStation was the only place to play the Persona series. That’s changing later this year, as multiple Persona games are coming to Xbox systems.

Specifically, Persona 3 Portable, 4 Golden, and 5 Royal are on the way — and they’ll be on Nintendo Switch as well. You’ll notice that the list leaves out games that came before Persona 3.

The fans have definitely noticed, and many believe Persona 2 won’t be getting the same treatment. ResetEra user jman1954goat posted a poll on the popular gaming forum, asking if we “will ever see the Persona 2 duology on modern consoles.” As of the time of this writing, just over 60% of voters believe that we will “never” see such a port.

About a quarter think we will eventually see one, “but not for a long time,” and the remainder think it’ll happen within the next few years.

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