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Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion Review

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Crisis Core –Final Fantasy 7– Reunion is a perfect example of how a game can blur the line between a remaster and a remake, using the skeleton of its already great 2007 PSP original while completely rebuilding the muscle around it.

Every change brings it much closer to 2020’s excellent Final Fantasy 7 Remake, from its gorgeously updated graphics to its considerably faster combat.

However, Crisis Core stops short of the total upheaval FF7R leaned into, and many design choices made with the original PSP game in mind prevent this remaster from being an entirely unblemished reunion.Just as before, Crisis Core is an action-focused prequel that follows Zack Fair, a plucky and likable foil to his far more moody companion, the iconic Cloud Strife.

Starting roughly seven years before the events of Final Fantasy 7, Zack hopes to climb the ranks of Shinra Electric Company’s SOLDIER program with dreams of becoming a Soldier 1st Class – the best of the best, just like Sephiroth.

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