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5 failed video game reboots that forced the franchise to go back to the original series

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It is hard to imagine a popular video game franchise becoming dormant and going for a reboot. However, if such a thing does happen, it is most often due to poor sequels or expansion packs that have overridden the appeal of the original title.In such a scenario, coming up with a reboot is sometimes viewed as the last resort to garner fresh interest from gamers.

Video game reboots often have an alternate storyline that is set in the same world but with different characters.Some reboots expand on the original title and provide a novel look to the series.

However, others fail to connect with the audience due to one reason or another.Here is a quick rundown of five such video game franchise reboots that failed to appeal to gamers and ultimately forced the developers to go back to the original series.Note: This article reflects the author's opinions.The Devil May Cry series is the ultimate standard for the action-adventure genre even today.

Giving rise to a sub-genre of video games called extreme combat, Devil May Cry paved the way for video games such as God of War and Elden Ring.After the successful launches of Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4, the video game franchise decided to go for a bold reboot of the original series and came up with a fresh version of Devil May Cry in 2013.Although Devil May Cry 2013 had more fluid gameplay mechanics than the previous editions, fans of the series could not handle the new version of the series’ protagonist and the story's ending.Fortunately, the video game's developers took note of the criticism and came back with another re-release of Devil May Cry in 2020.

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